WeldTech Service

About us

We give satisfaction to our clients from the industrial sector.
Construction, steel, mechanics and logistics are areas on which we are strong.

Our organisational structure operates according to established procedures and rules, which in turn provide a solid foundation for our business.

The members of the company are not just experienced teams carrying out assigned tasks on construction sites, but also people who have been managing projects from A to Z for years.

Weldtech team is made up of leaders, managers, foremen, quality control unit and, of course, the production staff, who are our company pride. 

We have been implementing a management plan for years and the management expects the projects to be carried out comprehensively, hence the wide range of services provided.    

Installation, welding, scaffolding, industrial and ship mechanics. 
Pipes, simple and complex structures, hulls, Bridges

MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, Electrode, Automatic welding machines, Welding lines, Autogenous welding.

Many years of experience and a permanent staff allow us to keep developing and to expand our offer.